Bachelor of Business Information Technology

The Bachelor of Business Information Technology is a degree programme that prepares students to work in the fields of software development, database administration and networking. It is a modern course that brings together two key aspects of computer training, that is, the link between Information Technology and the business environment.

The programme prepares students for the job market through thorough knowledge of Information Technology with an understanding and appreciation of how business is organised and managed.


Programme structure
The Bachelor of Business Information Technology course is offered in two stages: Stage I (Year I and II) and Stage II (Year III and IV). Stage I consists of twenty eight units and Stage II consists of twenty seven units. Each stage is equivalent to two academic years. At the end of Stage I, the students are required to go for Community based attachment and at the end of Stage II, the students are required to go for Industrial Attachment where they are expected to apply the acquired skills in real life workplace.

Why study BBIT?
The course is structured to focus on issues surrounding development and implementation of IT solutions that meet the organizational strategies, that is:

  • Strategic use of information systems to give businesses a competitive advantage through proper information management
  • Management of ICT as a strategic corporate resource

Career Opportunities

  • Systems analysts and designers
  • System developers
  • Network administrators
  • Database developers and administrators
  • Managers of IT departments
  • Project managers
  • Researchers in IT-related fields requiring data analysis
  • IT Trainers
  • Future CEOs


  • Fulltime Course: April and June
  • Evening Course: May
  • BBIT Exempt: May


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